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One day Delhi Sightseeing

Old/New Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India after independence from 1947.It has spread over an area of 1483 sq. km, comprising of vast historical edifices and immense cultural values .This city has also served as capital during Mughal era and known as city of Shahajahanbad.

Delhi serve as the roots of political and historical hub .This city is a perfect example of traditional and modern culture. We will cover all the major attractions of Delhi in same day Delhi tour package.

Jama Masjid:

A perfect blend of both Hindu and Mughal style of architecture. This mosque has the capacity of accommodating 25000 people at a time. Jama Masjid construction took almost 13 years i.e. (1644 -1656) with the 5000 labors work; it has also served as central mosque during Shah Jahan reign. On every Friday Muslim devotees come here to offer noon prayers known as “Namaz”.It is also called as “Masjid-i Jahān-Numā”.It is the biggest and best known mosque in India built in front of Red Fort.

Red Fort:

Red Fort , a fortified palace built by Shah Jahan ,its massive walls are made up of red sandstone .This Fort have also been residential area for 200 years during Mughal era.This Fort has fourteen gates such as Mori ,Lahori, Ajmeri, Delhi gate and so on. Now ,at every Independence day our honorable Prime minister hosts Flag and address entire nation.

Qutub Minar :

A 73 meter high, victory tower making it a second tallest minar in India.It is also designated in UNESCO world heritage site. This tower has five storeys with balcony on each storey. It is a perfect example of Afghan architecture, made up of red sandstone with the detailed carving and verses from Quran.

Raj Ghat


After the cremation ceremony of Mahatma Gandhi here, a simple black marble square was constructed this marks the spot of his cremation. It is surrounded by trees, planted by some of the famous dignitaries.

Lotus Temple:

Lotus Temple is known for its flowerlike shape, located in New Delhi and one of the noteworthy attractions of Delhi. It has also won award for its architecture. This place also serve as worship place for Bahá'í  faith people and also known as Bahá'í house of Worship.

Jantar Mantar:

It is situated in New Delhi .The Jantar Mantar is the outcome of revising the calendar and astronomical tables on the orders given by Mohd Shah.

Maharaja Jai Singh || of Jaipur build this spectacular instrument consisting of 13 architectural astronomy instruments with the plaque fixed on it.

India Gate:

It’s a 42 m high structure built after the World War | in the memory of soldier who died in it. This is situated at the end of Rajpath. This area is also very popular for picnic spot in New Delhi, serve as relaxation point during summer’s evening and winter’s noon. This is also known as All India War Memorial, built by Lutyens.

Humayun Tomb:

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built on the orders of Humayun’s first wife “Bega Begum”. Red sandstone work was used for the first time during the construction of Humayun Tomb. This place served as burial of Humayun’s family here, there are around 150 graves .Persian architect Mirak Mirza Ghiyath designed this tomb.

At the end of your beautiful same day Delhi sightseeing, you will be drop back to your hotel in a chauffeur driven AC car.

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